Friday, July 29, 2011

More Beijing: Tianamen Square and the Forbidden City

I enjoyed visiting the Beijing Police Museum. Whilst few exhibits provide more than basic details in English, it's a fascinating insight into the Chinese policing from it's initial rudimentary origins to combating modern day terrorism. Everything is with a pro-Communist slant which includes early accounts of washing out pro-democracy dissidents. Some of the accounts of confessions and political prisoners, I found quite chilling. In China, crimes against the state (not just murder) and corporate crimes can be subject to capital punishment.

Identity cards are very much in practice in China, even for pets!

We visited Tiananmen Square. It's simply massive! Quite exhausting to walk around but also very interesting. Of course, there's no mention or commemoration of the Tiananmen Square Massacre. When we've mentioned it to Chinese people in the past, they had no knowledge of it.

We also visiting the Forbidden City with it's mind boggling 980 buildings, multiple galleries, gardens, halls and pavillions. Fascinating stuff!

A cute cat I found in the forbidden garden which had the most beautiful pale green eyes. Cats are not common as pets in Beijing.
It was very crowded and quite overwhelming after a while.

Some other things which amused me from my visit to Beijing:

Roses. I also found fruit like apples and oranges individually wrapped in glad wrap.

We went to the 'western tourist' area for dinner one night and I had to laugh to see this t shirt

Sadly I was unable to find a Chairman Mao doll for Pablo the cat (get it?)
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