Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Things I dislike

Just thought it was time for a blog post with a difference, for a bit of fun.I've been showcasing things I like for a long time so I thought I'd make a list of things I don't like. Besides natural disasters, unethical practice, animal testing and cruelty etc, think of these as first world problems...

  1. Country and Western music (except for Dolly Parton, anyone who has their own theme park has to be doing something right)
  2. Car drivers who can't contemplate that other people choose not to or can't drive
  3. People who define themselves in their email, business or blog name by their maternal status. Mummyblogs etc. Painfully twee and surely somewhat limiting to the diversity that is a women's identity?
  4. Science fiction films and books
  5. People who always use plastic bags when they go shopping for one item
  6. People who stand at the pedestrian lights without pushing the walk button
  7. Tandoori tans
  8. White trousers
  9. Encores at gigs and concerts. Just get it over with so we can go home
  10. People who conduct loud personal mobile phone conversations on public transport. I don't really need to hear about your termination thanks.
  11. Everyone hates Raymond and all other half hour sitcoms
  12. R&B and mainstream misogynist hip-hop
  13. Football and any other sport aired in television
  14. Gladiator sandals
  15. Men who sit on public transport with their legs wide open
  16. People who spit in public or engage in any activity that exposes others to their phelgm or mucus
  17. People who sniff instead of blowing their noses
  18. The fact sports people earn more than people in community services, welfare and education
  19. Coriander
  20. Christmas carols
  21. Peanuts and peanut products (not allergic, just don't like the taste)
  22. People who play music on their mobile phones in public
  23. Couples with shared email addresses
  24. Aniseed
  25. Perpetual beanie wearers like Syd from Skins
  26. Shopping at shopping centres and department stores in general
  27. Beer
  28. Loud commercial radio in shops and cafes
  29. Apple juice
  30. Rodents
  31. Salespeople in shops who repeatedly greet you insincerely and ask if you want help when you have already declined
  32. Being accosted for money on the street, I give to my chosen charities
  33. Loud children in libraries
To be continued....
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