Thursday, March 31, 2011

For a good cause: Door snake making workshop

Sunday April 10th
12pm onwards
Cate' s house in Brunswick (email me for address)

I'm organising a Green Renting expo for people living in social housing and rooming houses in conjunction with a housing organisation to be held in May. We're hoping for a fairly decent turn out, and would like to offer all attendees with their very own doorsnake for draft proofing their room.

As most shop sold door snakes are mass produced overseas in sweat shops I'd like to make my own instead. So this means making about 100 Door Snakes. They're pretty easy to make. I have two sewing machines but feel free to bring your own. Donations of fabric thread and wadding/cut up scraps are also welcome. (Some makers use wheat or sawdust but this is not an option due to the risk of pests and bugs).

So if you can't sew, it could be an opportunity to learn or you are welcome to do cutting, turning fabric right side out, ironing etc. All useful tasks!

I'll put on some snacks etc but feel free to bring something. You're welcome to bring people who would like to help but we don't have *heaps* of space so might have to spread out a bit. It won 't be too sweatshop like, there'll be wine and chocolate and music and tea and all the good things! A great chance to hang out with crafty people and chat too :)

Feel free to give me an email or 0433584889
Many thanks
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