Friday, August 6, 2010

My Creative Space

My creative space at the moment is overtaken with vintage goods and camera bits and pieces as I am working on putting together my vintage shop corner for the new Polka Dot Rabbit site. We have an excellent camera but my skills aren't brilliant. I hope they will improve! Here's a quick sneak peak...I'll be investing in some white canvas to use as backdrops over the weekend, I've tried a light box and anything flimsy just doesn't seem to cut it, especially as it's winter.

I find it particularly hard photographing anodised metal which is a pain as I have a lot of it! any tips would be appreciated dear readers. I've tried different angles and such and either get dull pics or mirrored images as you can see above!

I'm also putting up some of my Figgjo crockery on ebay, hopefully it will go well, I've never actually used it! You can see other creative spaces over here
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