Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Do you want to be in the media?

Some of you may know that Chris and have a business called Green Renters where we write blog posts and articles on living sustainably in a rental property despite being unable to make big structural changes to your residence, whether a single dwelling apartment, share house or warehouse.

We've conducted a few workshops in sydney and melbourne including the Melbourne Social Forum and Sustainable Living Festival and also appeared in some print publications. We also have a fortnightly segment on Joy FM.

Well, a Fairfax journalist has contacted us for interview and is also seeking some of our 'readers' to interview.

What's needed:

People who live in Moreland, Darebin, Yarra, City of Melbourne, Port Melbourne, Albert Park (biasically the Melbourne Weekly and Emerald Weekly areas). We will come and view your rental property and give you tips on cheap and easy ways to improve your ecological footprint. Think of it is a workshop in the comfort of your own home with samples, handouts and lots of interesting information.

Fairfax would then like to interview you afterwards and take some pics.

It would be a great way for you to plug your business by mentioning the name and what you make and including some items to be included in photographs. We'd be ever so grateful and you'd be doing your bit for the environment.

Interested? Please send me an email:

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