Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A weekend country wedding

We went to the country on the weekend for a couple of friends' wedding. It was held in Wagga Wagga which was very pretty and the whole thing (besides the heat!) was lovely.

Some random pics (didn't take many of the bride and groom as they were surrounded by photographers the whole day):

How stunning is the bride!

I made some felt flowers for my hair the night before:

Loved this sign, there were ducks everywhere!

Totally wanted to steal this garden set!

Some fingerpaint style art from our hotel room which I found interesting....

It was really hot the whole time we were there. But we still had lots of fun. We went to a exhibition on Bill Kerr on sunday and hung out at the pub drinking gin and tonics. We also went to the local market and I bought a lovely embroidered doily for brooch making! Chris bought lots of art house horror dvds which will be fun to watch.

I also started the 30 Day Vegan easy challenge on sunday! You can follow my progress here. Quite a challenge in the country!


CurlyPops said...

What a beautiful dress that the bride is wearing - simple and elegant. Of course, I absolutely adore your hair flowers!

tractorgirl said...

hey!!!! I'm in wagga; whose wedding was it? next time you're in town, look me up!

Cindy said...

That is why it sucks to be a bloke I reckon - no matter the heat and still in a suit. The bride is looking lovely - as you were too Miss. Love the flowers