Monday, June 29, 2009

Quick update

I've been rather recalcitrant in posting regular updates about my holidays but we have finally put all the photos on the computer and will start doing some posts soon...I'm working on an exhibition piece for Craft Vic (not assuming it will be accepted!) using vintage Australian and English tea towels. Being me of course I've barely started so will have to get cracking later today. Feeling quite run down today with sore throat and glands, didn't really get time to get over the flu before I arrived, but I can have lots of fruit later etc.

Going shopping this morning for some bits and pieces, quite excited about it as I don't buy (non-retro/vintage/second hand) clothes all that often.

Will write more


SewHum said...

look forward to seening what you are making. Good luck!

Owl and Fox said...

I've nominated your blog for this award: :)