Tuesday, June 9, 2009

How I spent my weekend...

The weekend was mostly cold and rainy. Winter has definitely kicked in! Chris has been in with the flu so we didn't go out all that much.


  • Prepping Polka Dot Rabbit consignments:

  • I've been watching House of Elliot, the wonderful old BBC series set in the 1920's. It has the most blissful clothing! Pic from here

  • Great catch up with Stephanie

  • Lots of time in bed reading and sleeping

  • Day dreaming about my holiday next week.

  • Cooking turkey burgers, pumpkin soup and cake

Long weekends are great!


Chrisy said...

nice fingerless gloves...and you've done heaps of them...and the house of elliott series...such gorgeous people and fashion!

elventryst said...

Isn't the House of Eliot just delicious? I love it so much. Thanks for linking back to my blog:)