Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Chris and I spent a lovely easter in Bendigo. We stayed at Lynne Vale Estate
a lovely winery a bit out of Bendigo.

We were picked up at the train station and taken to the property. It was basically a three level verandahed houseco-joined with the property owners. We were shared the communal areas with two other couples which was a little strange. Firstly because we didn't know them and secondly because we were all keen on time alone but were loathe to offend by appearing stand offish, a strange dynamic to be in! Luckily we got along well and were all and about doing our own thing.

Chris and I sampled loads of different wine at different venues and spent most of the weekend in a state of pleasant inebriation. Combined with lots of sex and great food (all meals were catered by the winery and were superb), this meant minimal effort and maximum enjoyment.

We also enjoyed some fantastic art at the Bendigo Art Gallery
(As it was a gallery, no pics).

Being us, we decided we hadn't enjoyed nearly enough hedonism so decided to spend our departing day at a Wine Festival in Castemaine. This meant more wine and enjoying Yabbie Burgers. I was really tired by the end of the day!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Travel Diary Part One- Singapore

As promised I will endeavour to write a travel diary. I will try make it vaguely interesting but it will of course be as self-indulgent as the next with an embarassingly elementary appreciation of the exotic and neglible historical/political analysis.... I'll try not to do a 'we did x then did y', rather give you a snapshot with plenty of pics.

Anyhow, we arrived in hot and steamy Singpore to stay with Richard, one of Chris' oldest and dearest friends. It was really hot the whole time we were there, even after the frequent thunderous teeming storms which left you drenched and feeling like a sauna.

This is where we were staying, Richard's apartment:

My impressions of Singapore.... It is an extremely Westernised country with english in effect the predominate language. In some respects I felt quite guilty about that, but as my knowledge of Chinese is zilch it was great to be able to read street signs and order food and such. Singapore is oddly clean with my social conventions and laws about not eating and drinking in most public spaces (besides cafes and the like). This place is seriously CLEAN with minimal litter. There seemed to be an element of social control with an implicit suggestion that complying was easier than to not do so. For example, we lunched in this simply massive food hall:
Think of it as a central food court with side streets shooting off in different directions, never seen anything like it. It provides an interesting example of social control with regard to seating. In Australia it is common practice to reserve seats for others by sitting at a table and indicating verbally to others that you are saving those seats. In Singapore by comparison, seats are reserved by placing a packet of tissues on the spot you desire then leaving to buy your lunch. It's the tissue rule-no one will take your seat or indeed move your tissues! In oz, such an appropriate would be unsuccessful, you'd firstly have your tissues used by someone else and your seat taken!
(Incidentally the vast majority of places we ate at didn't supply napkins or serviettes, hence the popularity of tissues!).

More about the food though, in short the food was fabulous! Here's a pic of me eating ...Ridiculously cheap with eastern and indian influences....Singapore is an interesting mix of middle eastern, indian and chinese cultures with a large smattering of English and Oz ex pats. There is not really an 'authenitic' cuisine per se. Perhaps it is more apparent in the drinks, 'Monster Milo' and 'Lime Juice concoctions are as popular as Root Beer and Iced Tea. Folks didn't seem to be coffee drinks (our coffee tasting limited to Starbucks type incarnations) which explained the huge consumption of Red Bull and V energy drinks. We had some amazing meals, such as steam boats and noodle broths, curries and roti breads. Richard is bilingual and kindly requested 'No MSG' for me as required. One evening we even went to a bizarre Russian restuarant where they'd run out of most of the main specialities including blintzes and all the staff were Indian!

There's clearly still a two-tier class system as this advertisement attests:

We went to some fabulous art exhibitions and a fashion exhibition about women's fashion in Singapore in the 1950's and beyond. We also saw some ancient art in a library which had a wing of University of Las Vegas ( I kid you not) next to it. I also adored the toy museum, loving all things retro (how could you not love a muesum that sold cocktails!?).

... One of our oddest experiences was attending the Clinic Bar, all decked out to resemble a hospita. Cocktails were served in drinks and you sit in either a wheelchair or hospital bedl:

Here's some arty shots:

Tiling at a monatry-Chris was convinced it was the same tiles as a pub he used to frequent with his dad as a small child, but reconsidered that they my be the tiling of Les Carter's floor.

Singapore is something of a shopping mecca it would seem. I endeavoured to find a sundress but as most shops were English they stocked winter attire. I did however by some trainers but after they hurt my feet I haven't worn them since. It was odd shopping as everytime Chris and I went into a shop the shop keepers would defer to Chris. Even if I had the money to pay for something in my hand! Guess feminism has not been so impressive...

Possibly my favourite experience was the Butterfly Park and Insection Kingdom
in Sentosa. We travelled there by cable car and I loved spending time with the birds and butterflies and looking at the native flowers and plants. (The insects were kinda piss weak-I prefer the exhibit in the Melbourne Museum).

We were sorry to leave Singapore but most excited about the next step in our travels...

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Everyday should be like sunday

Had a busy but enjoyable weekend. Darling Chris came home on friday so I met him at the airport with a big sign.
There's nothing like public displays of love hehe!

Friday night we went and saw Future of the Left who were good but didn't resonate as much as my much loved McLusky. I really enjoyed Nation Blue who were supporting FOTL.

Saturday we did various house things and ended the night watching Spaced, drinking duty free booze and eating homemade pizza.

Sunday's plans to go look at wedding venues were abandoned after an invite to go to the beach! You can see various happy snaps here:

Monday we hung out at home trying to escape the roasting heat outdoors, but ended up doing gardening. We had a big bbq in the evening which was great fun with loads of friends coming including Les and Ritchie from Abdou. I wore my new silk dress that I got in Skegness on sale and a vintage apron which apparently looked sexy according to Chris heheh. The squid, pavlova, lamingtons and roo sausages went down very well!

You should all come to this:
I will be holding a stall and there will be bbq, mural painting, bands, and heaps of fun!

ps- I intend to write a travel diary soon, just haven't quite got around to it...

Monday, March 3, 2008

Hot hot heat

Nah not really but my office is like a sauna as usual.

I have a blinding headache which is not helping matters, like someone has stuck a drill in the side of my head.
My neck has been playing up again which has been quite debilitating.

I have a craft stall tonight at Section 8 which will be good fun if this damn headache abates. Iw will ask someone nicely to take some photographs so I can show you all.

Uneventful weekend which involved crafting and not going to parties and gigs and intended before the incidents mentioned above.

Chris arrives home on friday which is very exciting! Can't wait!

Cute pic of the day: Can someone please buy a place like this for me so I can renovate?

Arthur's Circus