Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Everyday should be like sunday

Had a busy but enjoyable weekend. Darling Chris came home on friday so I met him at the airport with a big sign.
There's nothing like public displays of love hehe!

Friday night we went and saw Future of the Left who were good but didn't resonate as much as my much loved McLusky. I really enjoyed Nation Blue who were supporting FOTL.

Saturday we did various house things and ended the night watching Spaced, drinking duty free booze and eating homemade pizza.

Sunday's plans to go look at wedding venues were abandoned after an invite to go to the beach! You can see various happy snaps here:

Monday we hung out at home trying to escape the roasting heat outdoors, but ended up doing gardening. We had a big bbq in the evening which was great fun with loads of friends coming including Les and Ritchie from Abdou. I wore my new silk dress that I got in Skegness on sale and a vintage apron which apparently looked sexy according to Chris heheh. The squid, pavlova, lamingtons and roo sausages went down very well!

You should all come to this:
I will be holding a stall and there will be bbq, mural painting, bands, and heaps of fun!

ps- I intend to write a travel diary soon, just haven't quite got around to it...