Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Lizzie!

Here in Australia we got a long weekend thanks to being a member of the Monarchy ( I knew there was one good reason)....

Things I got up to:

I picked up some lovely retro bargains:
Must decide what plants would look best in these....

Went to a Going Green Expo with an alarming display of 'enviro gone corporate'. I can see it is great that these causes have now reached the popular masses, but it's a little concerning that corporate means massives of coloured paper, mass production etc etc and a $1200 four day stall to flog your latest enviro friendly car/spa.... I got rather frustrated at the lack fo products available for Renters like myself, so I am planning on starting a blog/website later in the year catering for people like me.

I also saw some lovely modern art which from memory was being created at Wooden Shadow art space in Richmond. Makes this South Bank building look much more interesting!

Chris and I went for drunken karaoke at The Brunswick Hotel. Here's us after many drinks and a performance of Presidents of the United States' Peaches:

I adore old record covers and I think the Brunswick hotel displays theirs to great effect:

Chris made a wonderful roast lunch yesterday and a bunch of friends came over.
On the menu was:

  • Red and white wine in copies quantities
  • Crusty bread and butter for starters
  • Nut Roast (recipe to follow)
  • Roast potatoes and parsnip
  • Green beans, carrots and garlic brussel sprouts
  • Chocolate cheesecake for 'afters' as the english like to say!
We also went and saw The Orphanage last night. Kind of a Spanish psychological horror by the maker of Pan's Labrynth. Enjoyable with enough scary bits for people with overactive imaginations like me!

I've also been doing some crafty bits and pieces but nearly not enough! Here's some bits and pieces waiting for me to take them to shops after work today:

And I also have some writing in Hoopla and Mixtape coming up!

Lastly, here's a couple of random nature shots from this morning walking to work as I love autumn.


Kakariki said...

Wasn't the expo so beautifully hypocritical? I loved the green suvs and the marketing and advertising companies specialising in greenwash.

There was some cool stuff there. But yes, very focussed on home owners and breeders (like me..)

Hey hope you're liking hoopla! It's here too http://radicalcrossstitch.com/2008/06/10/hoopla-2/ xox