Saturday, June 21, 2008

Fashion on the Ration, birthdays and crafty goodness!

Despite a roaring hangover (from Chris' birthday celebrations the night before) I very much enjoyed the "The Way We Wear" vintage clothing festival in Williamstown last weekend. The theme was 1940's war time 'fashion on the ration' and it was fascinating looking at historical clothing and items such as these:

This booklet has inspired a craft project I'm working on actually (I'll post a picture when it's finished). The clothing was lovely but there was very little over a size 10 so I suspect my dreams of a retro dress for my wedding will now be a dress made with a vintage pattern.

Last weekend it was Chris' birthday. We had a rather adventurous day. We were in a film clip for the band Bachelor of Arts, had multiple drinks at Lambs Go Bar ( my round the world drinking game was a roaring success!) and went to the Spun Rivals EP Launch. Here' some pics of us in our merriment:

(Yes it is a maracca, made by our dear friend Rayna! Chris loved it and played it all through the gig!).
I am lucky having such a supportive partner. Our birthdays are three days (and a few years) apart and this year's was the first after the death of my twin. Whilst we have very different ways if dealing with grief, Chris came with me to the cemetary and put up with me being not much use over the last week.

Here's a couple of photos of goodies gone for consignment. I now have four retailers which is very exciting and I got a pleasantly large cheque from one today. It would be wonderful to be able to craft full time. I figure if the workshops I'm running go well, once I get my training diploma I may be able to branch out to running more workshops....Watch this space...


Kakariki said...

Yay maraccas! Looks like they're fun :)

You kids are lucky to be celebrating your birthdays together. Must be tons of fun.

Hey and sorry to hear about some hard memories. Lots and lots and lots of love and cuddles from me lady!

Let's catch up soon so I can give you your birthday pressie!