Monday, February 25, 2008

Craftsters and zinesters wanted for warehouse party

Are you are interested in holding a stall at the next warehouse party in Stafford St, Collingwood?

Saturday 15th March
from 3pm

$5 gets you a stall/space.:

artists, badgemakers, writers, kitschy retro..whatever you like!

There will be bands playing, there will be a market, there will be mask making and mural painting, there will be DJs, there will hopefully not be a noise pollution fine. But otherwise it will be as damn fun as the last ones, and if you came to those, you know what to expect.

(obligatory facebook link)

We'll also hire some tables and try for plenty of light-I'll make sure personally of that.

Bands so far confirmed:

ouch my face
the females
surf surf surf
smoking hot bitch

So...let me know what you think and feel free to spread the word so we can get lots of people there

ps- contact me here or email me ms.cate[at]