Monday, March 12, 2012

Brunswick Artists Society, Sydney Road Brunswick

I was starving hungry on Saturday morning after a busy appointment and not a minute to breakfast or even take my pills so after shopping for groceries for Sunday's brunch, I popped into the Brunswick Artists Society for breakfast. Formerly known as Red Butterfly, a cafe which I always considered a bit daggy (in a good way) it's now stripped back to basics with exposed wood and bricks, sanded back tables and large glass food cabinets. Much more aesthetically pleasing. I'm not sure how much of the food is made on site but the cabinets were full with various lasagnes, frittatta, salads, gourmet filled rolls and cakes. Not much for vegans but there were a few vegetarian options.

I took a seat and looked at the breakfast menu. The menu was nicely laid out attached to a wooden block. Nothing outstanding except perhaps the beetroot relish which I love as I like to make my own. I sat waiting for someone to take my order (there were no signs to suggest otherwise) but despite looking hungry, no one came near me. I popped up to the counter and order. Confusing. Surely an attached menu on each table suggests table service? Having a sugar craving, I opted for french toast, the only way I eat eggs and the kind of food I eat perhaps once every few months and a long black with cold milk. Considering only two other tables were occupied, the coffee took ages. The women behind the counter seemed more interested in adjusting their hair and rattling coffee beans. But the coffee was nice, I had two cups.

The french toast was a bit of a shock. Described as hearty french bread dipped in egg milk and fried until golden with a topping of maple syrup yogurt and apricots I was bemused to receive two very thin fried slices of bread, topped with cold runny unsweetened yogurt with perhaps a half teaspoon of maple syrup and three half canned apricots. Far from great, especially as it didn't appease my sugar craving. Considering I live five minutes away, I could have done better myself! Next time I'll stick to Jellystone Park cafe.

-And in regard to the name of the cafe, I heard the owner telling someone they are planning on running an art space out the back in the future. Hope it goes well.

Brunswick Artists Society
669 Sydney Road

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