Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What have I been up to?

I've been really busy with the Sustainable Living Festival! Green Renters had a stall on the weekend and launched our gigantic green games.

Last night I made these as a gift for a vegan friend:

We're actually making these with some other goodies at Thursday night's workshop which will be fun, even if it means I've made them twice in a week. I'm also trialing a homemade toothpaste and deodorant to offer at workshops, depending on how they work out. Will get some guys to road test them also.

I'd like to offer the bath and skin care product workshops to 'hen's nights'* and the like, but I'm not quite sure how to promote them. I've contacted several 'green' bridal websites but they only focus on the big day not the preceding events.

Also busy hunting for part time work as Chris has been working full time the last six months and it's his turn to focus on Green Renters a bit more whilst I work (hopefully) to pay off some debts. Applying for jobs is always a bit soul destroying but fingers crossed. I'm also in the process of closing down my Polka Dot Rabbit shop to move the items over to Green Renters as appropriate, as they are all 'upcycled' products. It is too much work trying to promote two shops and the craft scene bubble has definitely burst.

I think this video is great, obviously the name of my blog and business makes it evident I love rabbits and find it quite abhorrent that they are seen merely as food by many rather than the engaging intelligent animals that they are.

*I really loathe the term 'hen's nights' I also dislike 'girls' as in 'girls' night in'. I wish more contemporarty terms were recognised!
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