Saturday, August 6, 2011

A trip to the seaside!

We went along to the seaside at Skegness yesterday. A rather touristy, tatty place full of OAP's and chavs on holidays to be blunt.

But there were some highlights:

Fish and chips! Very nice although we did feel a bit sick as we're not used to all that grease!

We went along to Church Farm museum which was an oasis from the tourist tat. It's basically what it sounds like, an old reconstructed farm and farm house.

This was the maid's room-tiny!

Lots of beautiful heirloom pears and apples in the kitchen garden:

It wasn't really swimming weather, but we were very interested to see the Wind Turbines out at sea, perhaps powering oil rigs? Not sure

A few other shots of Lincolnshire:

Huge antique place with masses of china! Saw some lovely stuff but I know from past experience that it doesn't travel well and it's best picked up at the end of a two month trip!

There was also rows and rows of royal memorabilia strangely enough!
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