Saturday, September 25, 2010

When an Idea becomes a reality

Well the exhibition is up and ready for viewing! The launch was held last night and very well attended with lots of lovely people and even some sales! I'll write something detailed with pictures and such over the next couple of days. I've got a bad cold alas (of all the times for it!) and I'm quite weary as I had a tv interview at the channel 31 studio last night after the exhibition and then a phone interview this morning with ABC radio at 6am. Tiring! I managed to go back to sleep, but slept badly in general due to being ill. I made us a full english breakfast (well a vegan version) complete with toast, mushrooms, baked beans, hashbrowns, spinach from our garden and soy sausages. Very yummy and somewhat restorative.

At the moment I'm sitting outside in my backyard watching people walk in and outside my house to look at the work, certainly a strange experience! Somewhere between a open house inspection and a garage sale I think. But definitely fun.

Edit-two minutes after I posted this, one of Louise Francis' burlesque embroideries just sold. Yay!

I'm quite pleased that the Exhibition has come to fruition. Certainly a mammoth effort which I could have done without the help of my husband and some great friends and of course, our lovely exhibitors. So lucky to know so many wonderful people.
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