Sunday, June 27, 2010

My weekend

How was your weekend? I've had a busy but fun weekend. Mexican food and telly with a mate on friday night during which I dozed off! Saturday was spent at a workshop on balcony gardening followed by a Transition Towns event in Montmorency where we screened No Impact Man on behalf of Green Renters. A great event where we met loads of inspiring people all intent on making a difference in their local community. Great stuff.

This morning we were kindly fed an amazing breakfast of toasted turkish bread and seasoned fried mushrooms and lots of tea, just lovely!

On the way home I popped in Savers for some goodies:

Old vintage hankies out of their individual boxes. I'm a keen user of handkerchiefs and I plan on decorating these with my gocco machine.

Amazing hand embroidered tablecloth. May make this into a quilt cover.

Adorable teapot! I love yellow things.

Cute paisley skirt!

I also embroidered this cute owl gloves! I've also made squirrel embroidered ones, I'll post a picture tomorrow. What do you think? If they take your fancy, you can buy a pair at my shop.

PS-Have you entered to win a copy of the Big Book of Recycled Crafts? If not, pop on over here
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