Monday, July 27, 2009


We had a brief stopover (something like 8 hours) in Munich. After the heat of Shanghai, it was a shock to arrive at 7am to the freezing cold and pouring rain! We found out later that there'd actually been floods nearby. Thankfully we found one of those cheapie clothing retailers that was open ridiculously early and bought raincoats and umbrellas. Here's me in my fetching number....

Fortunately after some searching we found an old school Beer Haus! complete with ladies with big arm muscles holding steins of beer, an accordian band and lots of sausages!

It was alot of fun and i enjoy several glasses of German wine and some fabulous Bretzels. Followed by apple struedel of course!
I also had a great day checking out the scenery. There were so many florists in Germany, and all streets had floral displays, just lovely and so unlike drought ridden Melbourne.

Love the old art work on this department store....

We visited an old toy museum up a huge spiral staircase....

Retro barbies....there were loads of them!

Several cabinets of robots also.I would've loved a robot poster but of course, posters are always a pain to travel with.

How creepy are some of these dolls?!

We enjoyed Munich but were thankful to leave the rain and journey on for Berlin!