Wednesday, June 13, 2007

wintery wicked weekend....chocolate overdose is possible

Had an interesting weekend though I've been abnormally sleepy all the time. If it keeps going i'll get a doctor's check up. If my thyroid/bsl is normal, then I'll look at another detox i think.

Friday I went to lilydale/healsville for work. Stopped off at the Cadbury factory on the way (oh lord! I got little turkish delights, some faux muesli bars and a few slabs-disgraceful!). Went to a lovely gourmet/fresh produce kinda pub and had homemade sausages and mash-yummy! Very relaxing......Friday night I met up with CM in the city then we went home for pizza for dinner....quiet night. early night for me.

Saturday I went on a chocolate tour kinda organised by Chris for my birthday....sweet Chris! It was great fun and a chocolate pleasure...we had to have a savoury foccaccia after, we were so sugared out! Did a few things in the city then went home. Made spag bol for dinner. Was meant to go out but was just too tired...Another early night.

Sunday we went tree planting down Merri Creek with was great fun, it was actually t shirt weather which was great. Then we had yummy bbq and walked to Chris' where we did a heap of weeding out front (about 7 big black garbage bags worth which we snuck into a factory bin hehe). Chris cooked an AMAZING turkish meal and then we went to Spanish Bar-I'm afraid i fell asleep-how embarassing! Then went home and slept through Chris knocking on the door! argh!

Monday morning lay in bed and listened to the Archers with Chris...then went home and did some cleaning and shopping and such then had a nap. Chris came round for dinner (turkey meatballs and mushroom brocoli rissotto). Played scrabble and chatted and did a bit of crafting. Lovely evening in many ways :-)

I'm thinking about going back with Chris to the UK at christmas (if he goes) if i have the money. Have to put some pretty serious saving into place to enable me to do so....argh. Particularly as my cc is maxed also. Still, have to start somewhere.

Things I need to organise for the party:
-take over heater, chairs/crates

-fairy bread
-party pies
-sausage rolls
-cocktail frankfurts
-tomato and chilli sauce
-cheese cubes
-tooth picks
(chris loves pineapple and cheese on sticks apparently hehe)

cups, bowls, plates, serving plates, sausage containers

-guava juice
-pineapple juice
-mineral water
busy busy but feeling somewhat inert!

Current Mood: cheerful
Current Music: radiohead-anyone can play guitar